Those photos on your phone, the music on your computer, the videos that you like to stream… Wouldn’t it be nice if they were all in one place, and that you could access them whenever you want? You could store them on a cloud service and you might pay a monthly fee to do that. Or you can use a media aggregator that allows you to get to you photo, music and video files all with one application from where ever you may be!

Today there are many options that will allow you to easily put all of your media in one place and access those files whenever you want from any place that you have an internet connection. No need to buy expensive expanded memory for your phone or tablet. No need to pay cloud storage fees either!

Most services provide apps for mobile devices, computers and TVs. For video services, you can use either a Roku or FireStick that plugs into the HDMI port of most modern TVs. With a Roku or FireStick you can set up all of your video accounts at home and carry the Roku or FireStick with you when you travel, enabling access to all of your accounts (location dependant).

In this session, you will learn about what type of programs are available to help organize and provide access to your media. We will show you what is required to install and organize your media to take with you as you travel.

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